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Owning a home can be one of the best parts of life. Home ownership is part of the American Dream and you work hard earning the money required to purchase, insure, and maintain your home.  Unfortunately, life is not always easy.  Financial stresses from layoffs, unexpected bills or taxes, and medical expenses can often time make homeownership more of a burden than a blessing.  Falling behind on taxes and/or mortgages can lead to tax delinquent situations or foreclosures neither of which are easy to deal with or navigate. What does this mean? Homeowners begin to search for ways to liquidate their homes or properties in order to get out from underneath such situations.  Often times they find themselves calling a phone number from a sign on the side of the road because as the sign says "WE BUY HOUSES NOW FOR CASH." Or maybe they find themselves responding to a postcard in the mail from a real estate investor or wholesaler who is looking for a deal on the purchase of new property.  Have you ever seen one of these signs before? 


It is true this is a quick way to liquidate your home and get out from under this kind of stress.  The problem with this is the person or company buying your home wants to buy your home, but ONLY at a very steep discount. Most of the time this discount is 40-60% less than what the home is actually worth.  Ask yourself this question...Do you really work as hard as you do to make money to buy your home only to GIVE IT AWAY for 40-60% less than what it is actually worth?   NO WAY!!!  


If you really do need to sell your home fast, give me a call to schedule a strategy session to learn how you can sell your house for way more than what a sign is willing to give you.  Fill out the form below with your phone number is the message box and I will be in touch with you within the hour.